Potential Gas Committee
We assess the potential supply of natural gas in the USA

Welcome to the website of the Potential Gas Committee (PGC).  We are the only existing group that assesses the future supply of natural gas in the USA.  Our first assessment was published in 1964 and we publish a new assessment every two years.  The assessment is produced by ~100 experienced volunteer geoscientists and engineers.

We assess technically recoverable conventional and unconventional (shale gas, tight gas, coalbed methane) gas resources in the USA.  We assess probable, possible and speculative resources as shown on the diagram.

Figure 2

Our latest (2015) assessment suggests that the USA has 2,515 tcf of technically recoverable natural gas resources.  This is in addition to ~338 tcf of proved reserves estimated by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).  The map shows where the resources are located.


The Potential Gas Committee released its latest biennial resource assessment on April 8, 2015.  Download the Order Form below or click on the Publications link to learn more.

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The Potential Gas Committee will release its 2016 resource assessment in July 2017