We assess the potential supply of natural gas in the U.S.


Officers of the Potential Gas Committee

Kristin M. Carter, President and General Chairperson

Kristin Carter serves as Assistant State Geologist and manages the Economic Geology Division of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey. Kristin has worked as a petroleum geologist for the Survey since 2001, and her research efforts include characterizing unconventional petroleum hydrocarbon reservoirs; evaluating depleted/depleting oil and gas fields as potential storage reservoirs; tracking oil and gas exploration, production and well abandonment activity for the state; and interpreting Appalachian basin subsurface stratigraphy. She received a Master of Science degree in Geological Sciences from Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA). Active with PGC since 2014, she became PGC President in 2019.


Douglas Patchen, Chairperson of the Board

Douglas Patchen is the Manager of the Resource Extraction Division of West Virginia  University’s Energy Institute, a position he has held for 30 years, 20 of which while he also served as the West Virginia Geological Survey’s (WVGS) Chief Geologist.  His career with the WVGS began in 1966 and ended with his retirement in 2009. At WVU, he directs the research activities of the Appalachian Oil & Natural Gas Research Consortium, organizing teams of geologists and petroleum engineers from four state geological surveys and the departments of Geology and Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering at WVU to conduct basinwide subsurface research.   He also serves as the Director of the Appalachian Region of the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council.  He has been active in the PGC since the mid-1990’s.

Michele Cooney, Secretary

Michele Cooney serves as the Geoscience Manager and Section Chief for the Economic Geology Division of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey. Michele has worked in the petroleum research and environmental remediation fields since 2013. Her experience includes characterizing trends in thermal maturity of the Utica Shale Play; bitumen and vitrinite petrographic analysis; identifying targets for geological carbon storage opportunities; interpretation of Appalachian basin subsurface stratigraphy; oil and gas production site remediation; and industrial site remediation. She is a licensed Professional Geologist (Pennsylvania), Asbestos Management Planner (Pennsylvania), and Asbestos Hazard Evaluation Specialist (Ohio). She received a B.S. in Geology from Allegheny College and a M.S. in Safety Science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She has served as an observer with PGC since 2020.


Alexei V. Milkov, Director of the Potential Gas Agency and Executive Director of the Potential Gas Committee

Dr. Alexei V. Milkov is a Full Professor and Director of Potential Gas Agency at Colorado School of Mines. After receiving Ph.D. from Texas A&M University (2001), Dr. Milkov worked for three E&P companies (BP, Sasol and Murphy Oil), explored for conventional and unconventional oil and gas in 30+ basins on six continents and participated in the discovery of >4 Billion BOE of petroleum resources. He has deep expertise in exploration risk analysis, resource assessments, petroleum systems and oil & gas geochemistry. Dr. Milkov has 180 publications (including >70 peer-reviewed articles) and received several industry awards for his contribution to petroleum geosciences. Alexei is active with the PGC since 2016.


Membership of the Potential Gas Committee


Board of Directors

Ronald J. Kelley, Chair

Douglas Barber

Lance Brown

Kristin M. Carter

Marshall C. Crouch, III

John B. Curtis

Michael K. Decker

Richard Meyer

Alexei V. Milkov

Jessica P. Moore

Natalie H. Reagan

Robert H. Sterling

Christopher Yokoyama


Editorial Committee

David R. Blood, Chair

Kristin M. Carter

Ronald J. Kelley

Linda Martin

Alexei V. Milkov

Jessica P. Moore

Douglas G. Patchen

Committee on Definitions and Procedures

Alexei V. Milkov, Chair

Michael K. Decker

Ronald J. Kelley

Natalie H. Reagan

Time and Site Committee

Michael K. Decker, Chair

Alexei V. Milkov

Website Committee

Alexei V. Milkov, Chair

Area Work Committees


Jessica P. Moore, Vice President

Atlantic Area

Kristin M. Carter, Chair

Katharine Lee Avary

David R. Blood

W. Rupert Bodden

Christopher Buchanan

Michael R. Canich

Scott B. Cline

Danielle Deemer

David Harris

Jessica P. Moore

Douglas G. Patchen

Edward Rothman

James M. Wigal

North Central Area

Natalie H. Reagan, Chair

John Fowler

Kristine M. Peterson

William T. Stelzer

Kevin Sullivan

Gulf Coast Area

Douglas Barber, Chair

Ronald J. Kelley

Steve Maley

Daniel M. Semetko


 Mid-Continent Area

Lance Brown, Chair

Ashley S. B. Douds

Kenneth H. Dwight

Michael Link

Natalie H. Reagan

Daniel M. Semetko


Marshall C. Crouch, Ill, Vice President

Rocky Mountain Area

Christopher Yokoyama, Chair

Jerome J. Cuzella

Michael K. Decker

Paul M. Trousil


Pacific Area

Robert H. Sterling, Chair


Alaska Area

Marshall C. Crouch, Ill, Chair


Technical Advisors

J. Scott Jenkins

Darrell Pierce

John E. Ritter


Honorary Technical Advisors

Richard J. Burgess

Marshall C. Crouch, III

David H. Hawk

Donald L. Rasmussen

Stephen A. Sonnenberg

John R. Warne

Representatives and Observers


Susanne Ogle (Southern Gas Association)

Richard Meyer (American Gas Association)


Gregory Bartholomew, Consultant

Porter Bennett, Ponderosa Advisors

Richard Catto, IHS Energy Group LLC

Michele L. Cooney, Consultant

Jane R. Crouch, CPL, American Association of Professional Landmen

Thomas F. Darden, Wolfcamp Water Partners

Sarah Jordaan, Electric Power Research Institute

Vello A. Kuuskraa, Advanced Resources International

J. Paul Matheny, Consultant

Brady J. McConaty, Yankee Creek Oil Company

Kent Perry, Gas Technology Institute

Joseph B. Peterson, U.S. Bureau of Land Management

Avery Plank, Rangeland Energy

Jeremy Platt, Tauber Oil Company

Olga Popova, U.S. Energy Information Administration

Corey Rhoden, Drilling Info, Inc.

Scott W. Tinker, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas

Rick Whitworth, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners

Donald Winslow, Chevron Gas & Midstream

Thomas J. Woods, Consultant


PGC Member Backgrounds

Note: Number in parentheses following member’s name indicates the number of biennial PGC reports to which the member has contributed.

AVARY, Katharine Lee (4): Consulting Petroleum Geologist (2010-P); Retired, West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey, Morgantown WV (1979-2010); PGC Atlantic Area Comm.

BARBER, Douglas (1): Board or Directors.

BARTHOLOMEW, Gregory (1): Observer.

BENNETT, Porter (7): Ponderosa Advisors, Evergreen CO; Bentek Energy LLC, Evergreen CO, President/CEO. PGC Observer.

BLOOD, David R. (1): Atlantic Area, Editor.

BODDEN, W. Rupert (2):  Consulting Petroleum Geologist, Birmingham AL (2017-P); Sr. Geol., Atlas Energy, Bessemer AL (2013-17); Staff Geol., El Paso/EP Energy, Houston TX (2008-13); Sr. Geol., CDX Gas, Dallas TX (2000-08); Consulting Geol., New Orleans LA (1999-2000); Adv. Geoscientist, Texaco, New Orleans LA (1997-99); Res. Asst. Prof., Univ. South Carolina, Columbia SC, (1993-97); Consulting Geol., Birmingham AL (1992-93); Regional Geol., MetFuel, Tuscaloosa AL (1990-92); Sr. Geol., GeoMet, (1987-90); Sr. Geol., Gulf Oil/Chevron, Oklahoma City OK and Cabinda, Angola (1981-86); Teaching Asst., Stanford Univ., CA (1978-81); Geol., U.S. Steel, Fairfield, AL (1976-78); Mbr. AAPG, PGC Atlantic Area Comm.

BROWN, M. Lance (10): Sr. Res. Geologist, Supply Appraisal, Enterprise Products, Houston TX (2004-P); El Paso Field Services, Houston TX, Sr. Res. Geol., Strategic Planning, Res. Gp. 1 (2002-04); Koch Exploration Co., Houston TX, Dev. Geol. (1997-2001); Koch Midstream Services, Houston TX, Geol., Gas Supply Appr. (1995-97); Koch Gateway Pipeline Co., Houston TX, Mgr. Supply Dev., Prod. Services (1994-95); United Gas Pipeline Co., Houston TX, Business Dev. Repr.-Gas Trans. (1984-90). Mbr. AAPG. PGC Co-Chmn. Mid-Continent Area Comm., Bd. Dir.

BUCHANAN, Christopher (1): Atlantic Area.

BURGESS, Richard J. (26): Consultant, Jackson MI (1996-2018); CMS NOMECO Oil & Gas Co., Jackson MI, V. Chmn. (1995-96); NOMECO Oil & Gas Co., Jackson MI, Pres. & CEO (1981-95), Exec. VP (1980-81), VP (1967-80); Consumers Power Co., Exec. Dir. Expl. (1967-80), Expl. Supvr. (1963-67); Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co., Geol. (1962); Plymouth Oil Co., Geol. (1960-61); Imperial Oil Ltd., Canada, Geol. (1954-60). Mbr. AAPG, GSA, Mich. Basin Geol. Soc., Mich. Oil & Gas Assn., Ontario Petr. Inst. Cert./Reg.: AAPG (CPG 462). PGC Bd. Dir., V. Chmn. Time & Site Comm., Tech. Adv., Past Pres., Past Chmn. Past North Central Area Comm.

CANICH, Michael R. (16): Consulting Geologist (2015-Present);  President and COO, Trimont Energy, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA (2012-2015); President and COO, Sylvan Energy, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA (2009-2012); Vice President, EQT Production, Pittsburgh PA (2004-2009), Dir. Reserve Dev. (2000-04); Statoil Energy, Alexandria VA, Dir. Bus. Dev. (1996-2000); Eastern States Exploration Co., Snowshoe PA, Dist. Geol. (1990-96); Cabot Oil & Gas Corp., Pittsburgh PA, Geol. (1980-89), Charleston WV (1978-80); The Superior Oil Co., Houston TX, Geol. (1976-78). Mbr. AAPG. PGC Atlantic Area Comm.

CARTER, Kristin M. (4):  Assistant State Geologist, Pennsylvania Geological Survey, Pittsburgh (2001-P); Consulting Hydrogeologist (1993-2001). Mbr. AAPG/DEG, DPA, CPG #6265, Pittsburgh Geol. Society, Pittsburgh Assoc. of Petroleum Geologists. PGC Secretary, PGC Eastern Region Vice President, PGC Atlantic Area Comm. Chair.

CATTO, Richard (7): Sr. Director-Client Services, IHS Energy Group LLC, Englewood CO. PGC Observer.

CLINE, Scott B. (4): Lead Engineer, Internal Revenue Service, Rochester NY (1997-P); Hefner Corp., Oklahoma City OK (1986-96); Slawson Oil, Oklahoma City OK (1980-86); Union Texas Petroleum, Houston TX (1978-80);  Gulf Oil (1976-78). Mbr. SPE. PGC Atlantic Area Comm.

COONEY, Michele L. (1): Observer.

CROUCH, Jane R. (11): White Eagle Exploration Inc., Denver CO. Mbr. AAPL, Chmn. Subcomm. on Public Land Access. Cert./Reg.: Certified Professional Landman (CPL). PGC Observer.

CROUCH, Marshall C., III (19): President, White Eagle Exploration Inc., Denver CO (1980-P); Oil & Gas Exploration & Production, Lakewood CO (1974-80); Kansas Nebraska Natural Gas Co., Lakewood CO, Chief Geol. (helped organize Expl. Dept.) (1972-74); Cardinal Petroleum, Denver CO, Expl. Geol. (1971-72); US Army (1968-71); Plains Exploration Co., Denver CO, Expl. Geol. (1967-68), Geol. Asst. (1964-67). Mbr. AAPG, Kans. Geol. Soc., RMAG, SIPES, SEPM, SPE, Wyo. Geol. Assn. PGC Bd. Dir., Rocky Mtn. Area Comm., Pacific Area Comm., Hon. Tech. Adv., Past V. Pres. Western Region, Past Chmn. Alaska Area Comm.

CURTIS, John B. (16): Geomark, Denver CO; Director, Potential Gas Agency, Colorado School of Mines, Golden CO (1990-2016); Professor of Geology, Colorado School of Mines (1990-P); Consulting Geologist, Englewood CO (1988-90); Exlog/Brown & Ruth Laboratories, Englewood CO (1985-88); Columbia Gas System, Columbus OH (1980-85); Science Applications Inc., Morgantown WV (1977-80); Texaco Inc., New Orleans LA (1976-77). Mbr. AAPG, Geochem. Soc., Sigma Xi. Cert./Reg.: AIPG (CPG 4717). PGA Director. PGC Treas., Exec. Comm., Bd. Dir., Edit. Comm., Def. & Proc. Comm., Time & Site Comm.

CUZELLA, Jerome J. (8): Geologist, BOPCO LP, Parker CO (2010-P); Enduring Resources, Denver CO, Sr. Geol. (2007-09); Anadarko Petroleum Corp. (formerly Kerr McGee Corp., Westport Resources), Denver CO (2003-07); Redstone Resources Inc. Denver CO, VP-Geology (2002-03); Anderson Oil Co., Englewood CO, Geol. (1995-2002); Consulting Geol., Denver, CO (1992-95); NCRA, Denver CO, Sr. Staff Geol (1985-91); Anadarko Production Co., Englewood, CO, Sr. Expl. Geol., (1981-85); US Dept. Interior, Denver CO, Geol. (1980-81); Amoco International Oil Co., Houston TX, Geol.,  (1978-80); Sargent & Lundy Engr., Geol., (1973-78); Mbr. AAPG, GSA, RMAG, SEPM, AEG, AIPG, Utah Geol. Assn. Cert./Reg.: Prof. Geol. (Wyo. 303; Ill. 196-000144; Utah 5359991-2250). PGC Rocky Mtn. Area Comm.

DARDEN, Thomas F. (13): CEO, Wolfcamp Water Partners, Dallas TX; Chairman, Quicksilver Resources Inc., Houston TX; Pres., Mercury Exploration Co., Gaylord MI. PGC Observer.

DECKER, Michael K. (16): Executive Vice President & COO, Badlands Energy Inc. (formerly Gasco Energy Inc.), Denver CO (2001-P); Pres., Black Diamond Energy LLC (1999-P); Prima Oil & Gas Co., Denver CO, VP-Exploitation, (1994-99), Exploitation Mgr. (1990-94); Bonneville Fuels Corp., Sr. Geol. (1988-90); Tenneco Oil Co., Lafayette LA, Denver CO, Sr. Proj. Geol. Engr. (1977-88). Mbr. AAPG, Wyoming Geol. Soc., RMAG, SPWLA. Cert./Reg.: Wyo. Prof. Geol. (1974), Lic. Utah Prof. Geol. Western Energy Alliance Bd. Dir. PGC Bd. Dir., Rocky Mtn. Area Comm., Def. & Proc. Comm., Time & Site Comm., Past Pres., Past Exec. Comm., Past Chmn. Bd. Dir., Past Edit. Comm.

DEEMER, Danielle (1): Atlantic Area.

DOUDS, Ashley (4): PGC Atlantic Area Committee.

DWIGHT, Kenneth H. (18): Consultant, T.J. Smith and Associates, Houston TX (2003-P); Pres., Kenneth H. Dwight, P.E., Houston TX (2001-P); El Paso Field Services, El Paso TX, Mgr. Resr. Engr. (1992-2001), Cons. Resr. Engr.-Bus. Dev. (1991-92), Cons. Resr. Engr. (1988-91), Sr. Resr. Engr. (1981-88), Resr. Engr. (1979-81); Phelps-Dodge Copper Refinery Inc., El Paso TX (1973-79). Mbr. AIME, El Paso Geol. Soc., Mid-Cont. Oil & Gas Assn., SPE. Cert./Reg.: Texas Prof. Engr. (59369). PGC Mid-Continent Area Comm., Past Chmn. Mid-Continent Area Comm., Past Bd. Dir., Past Secretary, Past Website Comm.

FOWLER, John (1): North Central Area.

HARRIS, David (1): Atlantic Area.

HAWK, David H. (23): Owner, E2A Energy Analysis and Answers, Boise ID (2007-P); J.R. Simplot Co., Boise ID, Dir., Energy Nat. Res. (1984-P); Horn Resources Corp., Denver CO, Sr. VP (1984-2007); Sundance Oil Co., Denver CO, VP-Expl. (1980-81); IGC Production Co., VP, Gen. Mgr.; Intermountain Gas Co., Boise ID, Mgr. E&P (1977-80); Nat. Res. Advisor (1973-76); Tenneco Oil Co., Denver CO, Expl. Geol. (1972-73); Atlantic Richfield, Dallas TX, Lafayette LA, Expl. Geol. (1970-72); Lecturer at numerous natl. energy symposia. Mbr. AAPG (EMD), Idaho Assn. Prof. Geol., RMAG, Certified Petroleum Geologist. PGC Rocky Mtn. Area Comm.

JENKINS, J. Scott (19): Manager-Supply Appraisal, Enterprise Products Partners, Houston TX (2003-P); El Paso Corp., Houston TX, Mgr. Supply Appr., Eastern Pipeline Gp. (2001-04); ANR Pipeline Co., Houston TX, Dir., Supply Appr. (1984-2001), Mgr., Gas Supply Geol., Mgr., Area Geol., Sr. Geol., Staff Geol., Geol. (1974-96). Mbr. AAPG, Houston Geol. Soc. Cert./Reg.: AAPG (CPG). PGC Gulf Coast Area Comm., Edit. Comm., Past Chmn. Bd. Dir., Past Comm. on Def. & Proc., Past Chmn. Edit. Comm., Past Pres.

JORDAAN, Sarah (1): Observer.

KELLEY, Ronald J. (8): Petroleum Engineer and Senior Reserve Analysis Rep, Enbridge, Houston TX (2017-P); Manager-Reserves & Market Analysis, Spectra Energy, Houston TX (2006-2017); Duke Energy, Houston TX (1999-2006), Mgr. Reserves; Trunkline Gas Co. Houston TX, Mgr. Reserves (1990-98); Texas Eastern Transmission Corp. Houston TX, Staff Engr. (1983-89). Mbr. AAPG, SPE, Houston Geol. Soc. PGC Pres./Gen. Chmn., Secretary, Bd. Dir., Gulf Coast Comm.

KUUSKRAA, Vello A. (8): President, Advanced Resources International, Inc., Arlington VA (1991-P); ICF Resources, Fairfax VA, Chmn. of the Bd., Dir. (1987-91); Lewin & Associates, Washington DC, Exec. VP (1970-87); Fry Consultants, Washington DC, Consultant (1968-70); US Army, Washington DC, Capt. (1966-68); Standard Oil of California, Financial Analyst (1965-66). PGC Observer, Past Atlantic Area Comm.

LINK, Michael (1): Mid-Continent Area.

MALEY, Steve (1): Gulf Coast Area.

MARTIN, Linda (3): Editorial Committee.

MATHENY, Paul J. (1): Observer.

McCONATY, Brady J. (11): President, Yankee Creek Oil Company, Houston, TX (2016-P), SVP Operations Tabula Rasa Partners, Houston, TX (2010-16); Merrimac Oil & Gas, Houston TX, Pres. (2000-10); Venoco, Inc., Houston TX, VP (2007-09); Tenneco Energy, Houston TX, Dir. PCS Project (1995-2000), Dir. Producer Team (1994-95), Mgr. Gas Supply Dev. & Dir. Gas Res. (1988-94), Arctic Engr./North Sea Prod. Engr. (1985-88), Drilling Engr./Prod. Engr. Joint Opns., Lafayette LA (1978-85). PGC Bd. Dir., Past Secretary, Past Observer.

MEYER, Richard (1): Representative from the American Gas Association.

MILKOV, Alexei V. (3): Director, Potential Gas Agency, Colorado School of Mines, Golden CO (2016-P); Professor, Colorado School of Mines (2016-P); New Ventures Manager, Murphy Oil, Houston TX (2015); Exploration Technical Manager, Johannesburg, South Africa (2012-2014); Geoscientist, BP, Houston TX and Moscow, Russia (2003-2012). Mbr. AAPG. PGA Director. PGC Treas., Exec. Comm., Bd. Dir., Edit. Comm., Def. & Proc. Comm., Time & Site Comm., Web. Comm.

MOORE, Jessica P. (1): Atlantic Area.

OGLE, Susanne (1): Representative, Southern Gas Association.

PATCHEN, Douglas G. (14): Retired Chief Geologist, West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey, Morgantown WV (1966-2009); National Research Center for Coal & Energy, W. Va. Univ., Morgantown WV, Prog. Coord., Dir. Res. Extraction Div. (1990-P). Mbr. AAPG. PGC Atlantic Area Comm.

PERRY, Kent (11): Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (REPSEA), Sugar Land, TX (2012-P); Gas Technology Inst, Des Plaines IL. PGC Observer.

PETERSON, Joseph B. (6): Asst. Field Manager, U.S. Bur. of Land Management, Amarillo TX. PGC Observer.

PETERSON, Kristine M. (10): Geologist, Laramide Geosciences, Littleton CO (2007-P); Petroleum Consultant, Denver CO (1987-2007); Ensource Inc., Denver CO, Geol. (1982-87); Impel Energy, Denver CO, Geol. (1979-82); Wise Oil Co., Denver CO, Geol. (1979-82); NANDRF, Denver CO, Geol. (1977-78); US Geological Survey, Denver CO, Lab Tech. (1975-77). Mbr. AAPG, Denver Intl. Petroleum Soc., Denver Well Log Soc., Kansas Geol. Soc., RMAG. PGC North Central Area Comm. Past Mid-Continent Area Comm.

PIERCE, Darrell L. (17): Sr. Director-Corporate Reserves, DCP Midstream LP, Houston TX (2006-13); Duke Energy Field Services LP, Houston TX, Gen. Mgr. Res. Svcs., (2004-06); Duke Energy Corp., Houston TX, VP-Corp. Reserves (1995-2004); Texas East. Trans. Corp., Mgr., Reserves (1988-95), Supvr., Reserves (1987-88), Sr. Geol., Supply Plan. (1986-87); Texas Eastern Bawean Inc., Indonesia, Proj. Lead., E&P Gp. (1985-86); Texas Eastern Exploration Co., Houston TX, Sr. Geol., E&P Gp. (1980-85); Amoco International Oil Co., Houston TX, Prof. Asst. (1978-80); Superior Oil Co., Houston TX, Res. Tech. (1976-78). Mbr. AAPG, Corpus Christi Geol. Soc., Houston Geol. Soc., SPE, SPEE, SPWLA, GRI Nat. Gas Supply & Prog. Exec., RPSEA Unconventional Resources Comm.. Cert./Reg.: AAPG (CPG 4135), Texas Bd. Prof. Geoscientists (918). PGC Mid-Continent Area Comm., Edit. Comm., Past Pres., Gen. Chmn., Past Chmn. Bd. Dir., Past Chmn. Mid-Continent Area Comm.

PLANK, Avery (1): Observer.

PLATT, Jeremy (1): Observer.

POPOVA, Olga (1): Observer.

RASMUSSEN, Donald L. (16): President, Paradox Basin Data, Longmont CO (1986-P); Davis Oil Co., Geol. (1979-85); Amoco, Denver CO, Geol. (1974-79); Pan American Petroleum Corp., New Orleans LA, Geol. (1966-70). Mbr. AAPG, GSA, RMAG, RMS-SEPM, Wyoming PG (PG-1991). PGC Rocky Mtn. Area Comm.

REAGAN, Natalie H. (14): Director Supply Appraisal, (2019-P); Senior Staff Engineer, (2005-19), Enterprise Products, Houston TX; Duke Energy Corp., Houston TX, Princ. Petr. Engr. (1990-2005); Pogo Prod. Co., Houston and Midland TX, Petr. Engr., (1982-89), Texas Eastern, Houston TX, Petr. Engr. (1980-82). Mbr. SPE. PGC Chrm. Bd., Pres./Gen. Chmn., Bd. Dir., Past V. Pres. Eastern Region, Chmn. North Central Area Comm., Mid-Continent Area Comm.

RITTER, John E. (9): Geologist/Reserves Mgr., ChevronTexaco, Houston TX (1999-P), Project Mgr. (1996-P), Exploration Mgr., White Plains NY (1995-96), Copenhagen (1993-95), London; Geologist, New Orleans LA (1981-91). Mbr. AAPG, Houston Geol. Soc., SPE. PGC Tech. Advisor, Observer, Past Gulf Coast Area Comm.

RHODEN, Corey (1): Observer.

ROTHMAN, Edward M. (4): Rothman Petroleum Geology Consultants (2017-P); Energy Investment & Development Group (2012-2017); Mountaineer Gas Services (2009-2012); Chesapeake Energy (2006-2009); Columbia Natural Resources/Columbia Gas Transmission (1979-2006); Ohio Division of Geological Survey (1978-1979); Mbr: AAPG – DPA CPG # 6266, PGC Atlantic Area Comm.

SEMETKO, Daniel M. (16): Upstream Strategic Planning Specialist, Enbridge Energy, Houston TX (2015-P); Enterprise Products Partners, Houston TX, Sr. Geol. (2004-14); El Paso Corp, Houston TX, Sr. Geol. (2001-04); ANR Pipeline Co., Houston TX, Sr. Geol., Staff Geol., Geol. (1979-2001). Mbr. AAPG, A.G.A. (Comm. Nat. Gas Res.), GRI Nat. Gas Supply, Houston Geol. Soc. Cert./Reg. AAPG (CPG 5731), Texas Bd. of Prof. Geoscientists (1675). PGC Co-Chmn. Gulf Coast Area Comm.-Offshore, Mid-Continent Area Comm . Bd. Dir.

SONNENBERG, Stephen A. (4): Professor of Geology, Colorado School of Mines, Golden CO. PGC Rocky Mtn. Area Comm.

STELZER, William T. (16): Geological Consultant, Lansing MI (2002-P); Patrick Petroleum, Jackson MI, Expl. Mgr. (1998-2002), Sr. VP, Expl. Mgr. (1990-98); Dominion Expl. Co., Lansing MI, Expl. Mgr. (1983-90); Dart Oil & Gas Corp., Mason MI, Expl. Mgr. (1981-83); Hunt Energy Corp., Lansing MI, Dist. Mgr. (1976-81); Texaco Inc., Midland TX, various geol. positions, Dist. Geol. (1969-76); US Army, 1st Lt. (1967-69). Mbr. AAPG, Michigan Basin Geol. Soc. (Delegate Alternate), Michigan Oil & Gas Assn. (Bd. Dir.), West Texas Geol. Soc. PGC North Central Area Comm.

STERLING, Robert H., Jr. (17): Sr. VP Geoscience, Confluence Resources LP, Denver CO (2016-P); Sr. Geologist, Cirque Resources, Denver CO (2007-P); EOG Resources Inc., Denver CO (1995-2007); Nahama & Weagant, Bakersfield CA, VP-Expl. (1986-94); Challenger Minerals Inc., Bakersfield CA, Dist. Geol. (1983-86); ARGO Petr. Corp., Santa Monica CA, Expl. Geol. (1980-83). Mbr. AAPG, Calif. Indep. Petr. Assn. (Dir.), San Joaquin Geol. Soc. Cert./Reg.: Calif. Reg. Geol. (4266). PGC Chmn. Pacific Area Comm., Bd. Dir.

SULLIVAN, Kevin J. (8): Ranatassee Resources, LLC, Traverse City MI (2012-P); Chevron (AMBU), Traverse City MI, Tech. Team Lead–Geology (2011-12); Atlas Gas & Oil Co. LLC, Traverse City MI, Mgr. Geol. & Bus. Dev. (2010-11), Sr. Geol. (2007-11); DTE Gas & Oil Co., Traverse City MI, Sr. Geol. (2002-07); Consulting Geologist, Traverse City MI (1998-2002); Miller Oil Corp., Traverse City MI, Sr. Geol. (1985-97). Mbr. AAPG, Mich. Basin Geol. Soc. Cert./Reg.: AAPG (CPG 5238). PGC North Central Area Comm.

TINKER, Scott W. (10): Director, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin. PGC Observer.

TROUSIL, Paul M. (11): Consultant, Supply and Project Evaluation, Kinder Morgan, Inc., Colorado Springs CO (2013-P); El Paso Western Pipelines, El Paso Corp., Princ. Engr., Facility Plan./Supply Analysis, Colorado Springs CO (2001-13); Colorado Interstate Gas Co., Colorado Springs CO, Mgr., Staff Engr., Prod. & Storage (1990-2001); Gas Research Institute, Chicago IL, Proj. Mgr. (1988-90); Pennzoil E&P Co., Bradford PA, Petr. Engr. (1984-87). Mbr. SPE. PGC Rocky Mtn. Area Comm.

WARNE, John R. (10): Honorary Technical Advisor.

WHITWORTH, Rick (5), Vice President, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, Houston TX. PGC Observer.

WIGAL, James M. (22): Independent Geologist, Pittsburgh PA (2012-P); Appalachian Geologic Inc., Pittsburgh PA (1990-2012); Adobe Resources Corp., Pittsburgh PA, Dist. Expl. Mgr. (1981-90); Peoples Natural Gas Co., Geol./Geoph./Expl. Mgr. (1975-81); US Dept. of Energy/Bur. of Mines, Morgantown WV, Geol. (1974-75). Mbr. AAPG, Geophysical Soc. of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Assn. Petr. Geol., Pittsburgh Geol. Soc., SPWLA. PGC Atlantic Area Comm.

WINSLOW, Donald (4):  Gas Market Analysis, Chevron Gas & Midstream, San Ramon CA. PGC Observer.

WOODS, Thomas J. (4): Consultant. PGC Observer.

YOKOYAMA, Christopher (1): Rocky Mountain Area.