We assess the potential supply of natural gas in the U.S.

2013 Brochure

This new edition of the PGC’s informational brochure, “Future Natural Gas Supply,” discusses the growing importance of natural gas resource assessment at a time when rapidly evolving technologies are allowing industry greater access to domestic gas resources, especially those locked within unconventional reservoirs. Learn how the Potential Gas Committee assesses recoverable gas resources and how these assessments, when combined with the EIA’s tally of “proved reserves,” figure in determining the nation’s Future Gas Supply and Ultimately Recoverable Resource. These derivations use results from the PGC’s year-end 2012 biennial assessment, which was published in April 2013.

After downloading the brochure pdf from the menu on your right, you may wish to print a paper copy. To do so requires legal-size paper (8-1/2 in. x 14 in.). Unless you have duplex printing capability, print one page and then select “manual feed” from your printer settings to print the second page on the reverse side. Then, with the title panel face down and on the left, fold the left edge of the paper over to the right edge. Fold the sheet evenly once again (fold edge to open edges) so that only the title panel shows. (Note that most desktop printers cannot print to the actual edge of the paper. Thus, unlike what is seen in the pdf, the border artwork will be truncated, but all the text and graphs will be visible.)